You Know What To Do But Why Don’t You Do It?

By Azzy Aslam

Habits, Routines, & Behaviours

15 Dec, 2020

You Already Know What To Do

You probably have a ton things you want to achieve. Places to go. People to meet. You have read the books and watched the videos on which hack to use to get things done. There’s a book out each week, more than likey each day, on how to be productive, effective, and awesome in killing it (or was it smashing it?).

The thing is, you know what to do. You’ve known it for some time, particularly if you have been reading the books, watching the vidoes, and listening to the podcasts. So why aren’t you doing some or any of it?


We want certainty

In the first session with a client, many know what they ‘should’ do. They know what’s isn’t working and they have good idea as to why. What we also uncover is all the things they want to change which leads to ALL the things they would have to change to make ALL the changes.

There’s overwhelm.

Overwhelm in the number of things they want to do/change and overwhelm in the things they are going to have to do to make the changes. Basically, you end up looking at the big picture with all the smaller pictures and this causes overwhelm and most cases stops you from tacking any action at all. “Where do you begin? ” is the usual question I get asked

The other question which comes up is “Will it work?”  We want certainty that if we choose to do something it will work.  But, you already know the answer to that. Nobody can guarantee success, not even a great coach. Even more so when someone else, the client, is the one who has to do the work. Sure the coach can hold you accountable and point out what you did and didn’t do, but ultimately the responsibility sits with you. If you don’t put in the time and effort, you know it’s not going to happen.


Keep doing it every day

The heading says it really. Keep doing it every day – whatever ‘it’ is .

You know what to do. Pick one of the many things you want to do, change, or achieve and start taking action. Every day, do the same thing to keep you moving forward. Or the next action in the sequence and keep repeating. This is how water carves out a path in rock to create a river, and the Grand Canyon!

Make the action small, really small, so you have no excuse, but just do something. Because when you do something, you will get feedback. Feedback on how it feels, is it working, is it building something. When you take the first steps they will usually help you find the next step and so on.

Sometime you may well need to help and support, but many times just starting to do something will open the way forward.

What will you start doing today?


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