Are You Burned Out? – Podcast

9 Aug, 2021

Or Are You About To Burn Out?

In this episode I go through the six signs that you are burning out or already burned out.  As the changes occur over time, sometimes a long time, we don’t realise we are burning out.

The 6 areas which I see often with people who are burned out are:

  • Motivation and passion for things which are one point were important, take a nose-dive
  • Are you or are you becoming moody and irritable?
  • Have you started to disconnect from people, your work, the world?
  • Are thoughts overflowing in your mind?
  • Sleep disrupted???
  • Have you started to neglect YOU? Poor self-care?

There are a couple of things you can start to do to help with getting you back to some level of normality. It will take time though.

Just as burning out happens over time, dealing with the consequences will also take some time.


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