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11 Aug, 2021

What is the 4-day week?

You must have heard about the 4-day week. If not, then this episode will shed light on exactly what it is.

I am with my guest Charlotte Lockhart, CEO of  The 4 Day Week, an organisation which is not only spreading the word but also helping companies to test and take the step to moving to a working 4-day week model.

The subject isn’t as simple as moving to working 4 days a week. It covers everything from how to make it happen, to the (positive) impact to the organisation and the immense benefit are shared by both employer and employees.

  • What happens to productivity?
  • What happens to pay?
  • Who can lead the change in organisation?
  • What help is available to companies who want to make the change?
  • What does it do for the people’s mental health and well-being?

There’s a few more question we cover in the podcast. If you want more information or want to get involved with some of the pilots then see the links below and get in touch.


 To get on touch with Charlotte Lockhart and the 4 Day Week organisations:

 Website: https://4dayweek.com

 Website: https://4dayweek.co.uk

 Website: https://action.4dayweek.com


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