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6 Aug, 2021

Food, food, food!

We need it. We can’t live without it. Yet it’s also become a pain in our life. But hold on, it’s not really the food which makes it pain, but it’s our relationship with it.

My guest Ashley Messias (along with a friend) runs The Habit Society where they provide 3-minute newsletters every Monday morning with something you can do to make a difference in your life.

Ashley is a physiotherapist and a holistic nutritionist, and in this episode, we talk about the latter. Or rather, I pick Ashley’s brain and knowledge when it comes to fasting, healthy eating and our relationship with food.

Like many of us, some of our journeys starts with a personal issue. Ashley’s journey to better understanding food and then to becoming a nutritionist started with her own challenges with digesting food, which was later diagnosed as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

In this episode we cover the fascinating topic of fasting, as well our relationship with food, and how we eat in today’s world.

There’re a few surprises when it comes to fasting and losing weight, and just how we, as human, should be eating!

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