The Science Behind YOur Habits

Every day you set out to focus, get done what is important, and be successful (however, you choose to define success).

You will have learned or developed tools and techniques to be productive. But some of your habits get in the way of your own success.

You are meant to lead an extraordinary life. This is the time to get a grip on the habits you don’t want and create the ones that propel you to having the extraordinary career, work, relationships, and life you want.

Understanding “why you do what you do” is the of start your journey of change.

Over the last few decades neuroscience has made great leaps in our understanding of how our brain works. We can even “see” what our habits look like physically in our brain’s neural network.

This talk demystifies the neuroscience research and explains “why we do what we do”

You’ll learn how to create the habit you want and make lasting behaviour change within yourself.

Starting you on a journey that will change your approach to life, work, relationships, and success – however you choose to define it.

You will be able to apply the habit forming approach immediately, leave feeling empowered and equipped to tackle personal goals and your work.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the 3 different brains we have
  • What roles these brains play in keepin us alive, safe and human.
  • Learn how a habit physically forms in your brain and in your life.
  • Discover how to create the habits you want and change your life.
  • Create an action plan which you can use for each habit you want to develop.
  • Learn and be empowered to change you, to change your life.

This talk gives you some insight into “why we do what we do”

We are a collection of habits. Many that that are extremely useful and necessary.

Some that we decided to live with.

Others that stop us getting to where we want to be.

This talk uses the lastest understanding from neuroscience research and blended with real life changes made by Azzy’s coaching clients to give you an action plan to create habits for success.

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