No doubt you’ve come to this page expecting to be told how much experience I have and all the wonderful ways it will change your life when we work together.

Well, who am I to disappoint you? So let’s start by telling you a little about me…

I began both my working life and career in the corporate world with IBM. I joined IBM because I made a decision. It didn’t seem such a big action, and it certainly didn’t feel like a life-changing decision — but it turned out to be both.

My time with IBM started in the mailroom. Yes, you read that right — I was in the mailroom, sorting and distributing mail to people’s desks! You see, I’d made the decision to take a temporary job that ran week by week, while I applied for permanent roles with any company that was hiring mechanical engineers. When I wasn’t sorting and delivering mail, I’d ask people if I could help them in any way, and that was how I started carrying out some administrative computing tasks.

These decisions and actions changed my life.

Because of these two small steps, I spent twelve years with IBM, first (after six months in the mailroom) in a technical role and then moving to Sales in different parts of the company. After I left IBM, I had the opportunity to work with C&W (Cables & Wireless), BT and two technology companies from the USA, allowing me to work internationally and become a manager, sales director, VP of International Business and an MD.

I eventually left the corporate world, wanting to offer my skills on a wider basis. I started consulting and helping start-ups, small and medium-sized companies grow their people and revenues. I also set up a couple of businesses and learned even more about where my true passion lay.

All through my work and learning, the one thing that gave me the greatest satisfaction was to help people grow, build skills, learn new skills, change careers, and change lives by taking steps to achieve milestones on the road towards their big goals.

Helping people to get on course towards their aspirations, goals and dreams was always part of what I did from the first time I had the opportunity to lead a team. Over the years, I learned more about people, their motivation and how they reach their goals. A keen interest in Psychology and Neuroscience also took hold. Helping me understand what makes us do, what we do!

To help me with my own goals and aspirations, I took on a coach. At one stage, I also engaged an external coach to work with my team, helping us stay focused as we led the company through some tough times between 2007 and 2008. These experiences really brought home to me just how valuable coaching can be, whether for a company or an individual.

All this experience had led me to a crucial point — I wanted to be a coach. I wanted to focus purely on helping people and businesses, using my skills, experience, learning and support as a Coach.

I didn’t want just to do a “good enough” job in helping people, though, so I enrolled in a twelve-month programme to qualify as an accredited coach. I’ve continued ever since to fine-tune my coaching skills over the years with constant learning and training, so I can truly give my very best to every one of my clients — whether they’re individuals or businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to working with you!

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