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29 Jul, 2021

Start moving your body to change your life and work!

One the foundations to living a full and vibrant life is to look after ourselves. I say there are three foundational pieces in living well – Sleep, Nutrition, and Movement (or exercise).

On this episode, my guest is LeAnn Smith from Seattle in the USA.

As we started talking, we ended up with a bonus within the episode! Asking LeAnn how she got into Yoga and the wellness world led us to talk about transitioning from the corporate world to working for yourself.

This turned into a mini episode on what you can do to start a side-gig as you still work your main job! We share some lessons we learned as we made our transition to working for ourselves. Hope it’s helpful.

Anyhow, back to the main topic of this episode.

As a society we spend less time moving than we did a few decades ago and certainly far less than 100 years ago.

We discuss how are humans designed when it comes to having sedentary lives. You already know the answer – we are designed to move.

We were designed to be active, to look for food, to walking great distances. In fact, our body is able to achieve some astounding physical feats.

Look at athletes, sports people, adventurers, mountain climbers and you see just how and what we are truly capable of.

So, our current life styles and also work styles is getting in the way of our natural requirement to move or exercise.

We discuss, what it means and what you can do to get started in making a change and start adding movement and exercise as part of your day.

LeAnn works with clients that are ‘stuck’ in their wellness journey either by injury, illness, disease or otherwise. Her motto is, ‘welcome home, your vibrant self awaits.”

With over fourteen years of corporate Human Resources experience, she brings a wealth of corporate, organizational knowledge and understanding.

She is a Yoga teacher, a personal trainer, and a Health and Nutritional coach.

I mention an article in the epsidode about recurring injuries and how to rebuild the body. The link is:

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