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27 Jul, 2021

Stop Obsessing About Your End Goal

Goals are great to have. They are a good way of checking if you are heading in the right direction. And that’s their purpose; to point you in the direction you want to go and be checkpoint as you move towards them.

However, continually obsessing about them isn’t going to help you get there any faster. As you go through each day, each week, you will get feedback on whether you are moving towards your goal, away from it, or not moving at all.

So, they are a good guide to where you are heading. The feedback will allow you to adapt, tweak, update, change, or retry actions and activities.

What you can obsess over?

It’s the daily actions, activities, habits, and behaviours which requires your obsession.

Because it’s the things you do each and every day which add up to moving forward to (or sometimes away from) your goals. Obsess about how many and particularly how¬† well you do the daily activities and actions.

You have control over the actions and activities you can do. You little or no control on the final outcome, your goal. The only thing which is going make a differenece ig what you do each day.

Getting better, more proficient and effect is also key. Work on being better each and every day, because it the one thing  you can do something about.

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