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2 Mar, 2021

How Committed Are You To Your Commitments

Talking with clients, looking at my own goals and aspirations reminded me of a story told by Dr. Stephen Covey. He is the writer of the best selling book Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. However, it was a different book he wrote which caught my attention many years ago – “First Things First”. In fact it was a recording which came with the book which I has stuck with me for many years – decades in fact.

This episode looks at what we say and what we do. We say whole bunch of stuff and we are prepared to commit to whole load more things. Taking action is the challenge and the key to  moving closer to your goal, objective, target, or milestone. This is the real test.

Sit back and listen to what I recall of the story from Dr. Stephen Covey and then reflect on how committed you are to you goals and your commitment to your commitment!


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