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6 Oct, 2020

Mindsets, Limiting Beleiefs, And Mental Fitness

How to challenge ourself To Make Changes

I have to add a quick note up front. We were experiencing some technical difficulties recording this episode and the sound quality was a little patchy a few times. My sincere apologies. Nevertheless, there are lot of insights shared by my guest.

Experienced coach, speaker, and marketer, Jill McCulloch joins me on this episode. We discuss some of the challenges in our current world – life and work – and how it affects our mindsets, creates limiting beliefs, and a very current topic, mental resilience (or fitness as Jill puts it).

We also cover ‘Postive Intelligence’ and learning about our gremlins or saboteurs which get stuck in our thoughts and get in our way when we are looking to make changes.

A regular theme which comes up whenever we cover making changes is how the external world is affecting our internal world and our world view. How it affects our expectations. Our thinking and mindset. Which come together start to create our inner gremlims/saboteurs who hold us back.  It’s amazing how powerful our thoughts and limiting beliefs become that they can cause us to ‘stay in our lane’ and live a unfulfilled life.

All of this takes a toll on our mental welling. Our mental resilience or as Jill puts it, mental fitness.

Jill mentions a free resource where you can take an assessment to see how and what you do to ‘self sabotage’ You can find the assessment here:

Self Sabotage Assessment

If you want find out more you can contact Jill McCulloch:


Jill’s Website Contact Page

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