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25 Sep, 2020

How To Create Videos Which Engage Your Audience

Useful Tips To Make Your Videos Better

Confidence trainer Elsewine Rietveld is a former ‘deer in headlights’ when it came to public speaking & making videos. She now teaching others how to speak with confidence and impact in presentations and making awesome videos.

Her practical techniques take people from self-consciousness to self-confidence when it comes to being infrom the camera making videos or in front of an audience.

In this podcast Elsewine dishes out some great advice to get you started in making videos for your business, social media, marketing, or just for you.

Like many things, getting started is the first big hurdle. You may well have a bunch of thoughts running around in your head giving you all the excuses (sometimes we call them reasons!) why you shouldn’t create a video content. All the negative self talk just never gives up if you allow it. Listen to Elsewine’s tips and you can start the small steps and get it done.

Plus, there’s a whole bunch of tips on keeping audienc attention, lighting, background, and even some words on content for your video.

The one which we do spend a little more time on is how to ‘look your audeince in the eye’, even though there is nobody in front of you. There is particularly important if you are shooting your video on your phone. Your audience isn’t on teh screen where we would norally look when recording a video. They are deep inside the lens of the camera!

Find out how to really catch your audience’s eye when you nect record a video be on your phone, webcam, or digital camera. Whichever device you prefer to make your videos pick up a cheap tripod to help steady the recording but it will also make it much easier to focus your gaze at the, and through , the lens of the camera.

Plenty more tips in the podcast!

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