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16 Sep, 2020

How Stop Hitting That Snooze Button Each Morning

And Have More Energy Throughout the day

Have you created a little monster for yourself? Hitting the snooze button every morning. Even though you had every intention of not doing so this morning. But for some reason it just happens, you hit snooze again and again and…..

This is has now become a habit. A very easy one to fall into, many of us do. The more we repeat it, the more it becomes a habit and the stronger the habit becomes. It’s a viscious circle, one we seem unable to break.

We get to the point where we barely come out of our slumber to hit the snooze button. Even our subconcious knows what to do when the alarm goes off. It flings and alarm out with opening an eye the snooze button is activated!

Snoozing does have another cause. Sleep deprivation. Because we have started to use alarm clocks to jolt us out of our slumber and combined with staying awake longer at night impacts how much sleep we get each night.

As the alarm goes off, our body and our brain, maybe telling us we haven’t had enough sleep.

Listen to some thing you can do to help you start the day without hitting the snooze button.


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