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1 Aug, 2021

Clear Your Mind

There’s a tonne of things you can do to help clear your mind.

From meditation, journaling, sitting in a calm environment, listening to music, or concentrating and focusing on just one thing in front of you or in the distance.

Our daily lives appear to be full of things to do. Things we could do. Things we want.

We are also constantly bombarded with more information from our surroundings, our devices, our work, and from family and friends.

At times, the mind overdoses with thoughts. Swirling around, popping up uninvited, and then disappearing again just as fast. Making us annoyed we can’t remember the idea which popped up a few minutes again.

We also appear to have lost the ability to sit in peace. In a quiet place to slow down the racing thoughts. And then we go and make it so complicated when it comes to calming and clearing your mind.

This podcast give a very simple approach which with practise, will help you clear your mind and capture your thoughts and ideas.

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