How Committed Are You To Your Commitment?

By Azzy Aslam

Habits, Routines, & Behaviours

5 Apr, 2018

Usually towards the end of a coaching session, when an action has been agreed, coaches will ask “How committed are you to carrying out this action?” They may use a scale of 1 to 10 or some other range that works for the client to see if there is real willingness to complete the action. It is great to hear a client say they are committed and give a 10 out of 10, or somewhere close, to getting the action completed.

Whether you have agreed an action through a coaching session or decided for yourself to do something, the real test comes when you have to start the task. It is easy to commit to doing something and as the saying goes “words are cheap”.

For example, let’s say you commited to going for a run at 06.00am. You set the alarm and it goes off 05:45am, the sun hasn’t quite risen yet, you feel tired, you got to sleep a little later than you anticipated, the bed is warm and cosy, and the clock has a 10 minute snooze button… This is the moment that your commitment is tested. Just how committed are you to your commitment right at this moment? You can test your commit further. Let’s say you did get up for that first run, what about the second run, the third, or the 23rd?

Or, like many of my clients, you are in sales. One of the key aspects, and also one of the toughest, in most sales roles is to uncover new opportunities. So you decide to commit to an hour a day slot to focus entirely on “business development”. You even decide this will involve research on companies, on key people, and ultimately to call or connect with these people. You have a busy day and things are going well and the time approaches to stop everything and start working on “business development”. You have exisitng customers to calls, a proposal to finish, quotes to send out, a sales report to prepare… Even though you know without new opportuntities your revenues and your commission will suffer so will you stop and focus purely on business development? Just as with the previous example, you may well carry out the work on the first day, even the second, but how about the 3rd day or the second week or for the whole month?

There are many moments that test just how committed we are to our commitments whether they be in big parts of our personal life, our health and well being, our work, finances, family, or even getting to bed at the time you said!

In my coaching sessions, I ask my clients how they get on with the action they committed to in the previous session. When the client has completed the task I also find that they have gone on to do a one or more other tasks which we had not discussed. The clients that stick to and complete their tasks forward towards their goal, objective or dream, commitment by commitment.

Commitment to the goal or dream is also vital. Commiting and completing one action is not enough and needs continuation with follow on actions. Without a strong commitment to a goal or dream the commitment to the actions that will help you realise the dream will be weak and risk not being completed. Which in turn makes the dream less likely to be achieved.

So always ask yourself “How commited are you to your commitment?”

If you need more assistance in testing your commitment, then call or email me and arrange a free no obligation chat. You can reach me on 07552 535767 or and you can even add a comment below.

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