There Are No Caped Heroes

By Azzy Aslam

Habits, Routines, & Behaviours

18 Dec, 2020

Or Is there Just One?

We don’t like to hear about the harsh realities of life. And sometimes there is no need. We get on just fine from day to day without them – most of the time.

Every so often we do need to take a reality check. And  many times it happens when things are just not going our way. Hope is helpful. It gives us some light at moments when we are in tough and dark places.  But we do realise the thing which is going to make any difference is in what we choose to do next. Not always easy and not always straightforward. 

So, here’s the reality check:

There is no cavalry that’s going to come over the hill and fight our battles for us.
There is no caped/uncaped super hero who’ll come to save just at the moment we want them to appear.
There is no fairy godmother to undo the things at the swish of her wand.
The books you read won’t do anything for you – it’s just knowledge at best.
The training courses end up being a few a days away.
Your mentor will listen, give you words, and point out a direction.
Your friends will encourage you and pick you up.
Your family will hug you.
And everyone can and probably will give you tons of advice!

HOWEVER, remember this – nothing happens until you do something. You. You alone. It sounds frightening at times, but without you taking a step, an action, nothing will change.

You are the cavalry and the super hero. What you choose to be each day is what matters.

The task of building your business, your career, yourself is down to the actions you take and decide w who you are..

Be it.
Each day.
Every day.


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