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7 Aug, 2020

Growing Business Organically On LinkedIn

And the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA)

When I first met my guest, Lisa Jackson, I was curious what a VA (Virtual Assistant) actually did. She has her own company called Virtually Assistive and so it seemed like a good idea to ask Lisa what exactly a virtual assistant does.

Then I discovered the real work she does in helping people and companies build their business through organic marketing primarily on LinkedIn.

This podcast has two parts, all in one podcast – so you don’t have to wait for another episode, early on we talk about what a virtual assistant does, for a few moments. The majority of the episode is on LinkedIn and how to make it work for you and to grow your work/business through the social media platform.

There’s a number of areas we touch on starting with what do people mean when they talk about ‘organic growth’ for your business. We get Lisa’s take on what it means and how she has help clients successfully use her approach and skills to build their business.

All through the episode, Lisa gives really useful tips on making LinkedIn work for you.

I am sure you will want to connect with Lisa after listening to the podcast and the best way is to send her an invite to connect on…..LinkedIn!


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