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21 Jul, 2020

Employment Law, Furlough, Redundancy, And Getting Back To Work

As the economy starts to re-open companies are heading back to work from furlough. Sadly there have also been job losses and threats of redundancies.

I am speaking with my guest, Neelam Afzal, a specialist lawyer on Employment Law and HR matters.

We go through some guidance on:

  • the furlough schemes
  • redundancy
  • redundancy process & rights
  • employment contracts
  • settlement agreements
  • working from home
  • grievances.

We cover key questions employers and employees have been asking on these matters.

Neelam also mentioned the change aspects of the furlough scheme over the coming months. Below is the table of changes she mentions in the podcast. It outlines the changes the government are making and the changes employers will have to take into accoount and make in each month.

Table for Furlough Scheme 2020

Table for Furlough Scheme 2020

If you have further questions please do get in touch or connect with Neelam on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


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