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17 Aug, 2020

Fighting Back After Losing Your Job, Your Home, And A Marriage Break Up

Re-building a life and a business when you have hit rock bottom

My guest Sharon Cawley used to be a teacher. A job she loved.  A job she did extremely well.

A job she thought she would be doing for her whole professionl life. When you enter the teaching profession you are told, and you believe, it will be a job for life. A job you can build your own life around.

But when you lose your job it hits you hard. When you lose your job due to an innocuous comment which had nothing to do with you, it’s devastating.

The repercussions meant she lost her home and the few threads holding her marriage together snapped. With two children and her house about to be reposessed life looked very dark and tough. And this was just the beginning as the reality of not having a job unfolded and laid bare all the things she now  wasn’t able to do.

Her minor demons, alcohol, cigarettes, over-eating, also started to take hold.

But, it was also a period of coming back to life. Seeing all the things she had missed in her daily 12-14 hour working days.  The little things which she had missed and not noticed. The morning, during the time she was suspended, and saw her son in his uniform. His trousers about three inches too short. She hadn;t even noticed before!

Listen to how she fought back. Rebuilding a life for her kids and herself is inspiring. And it included building a business as she built her family too.

When you want inspiration, listen to Sharon’s story!


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