Why You Should Track Your Goals And Milestones

By Azzy Aslam

Habits, Routines, & Behaviours

4 Jan, 2021

Why You Should Track Your Goals And Milestones

Welcome to the first blog post for 2021. Last year was ‘interesting’ and that’s being kind. It will have been a whole bunch of things too. It was certainly tough for me and my work. Challenging is another word.

One thing it did do was make me think. Think about how to adapt and change. As the new year beckoned, so I started to think about what I was going to set as my goals and milsetones for 2021.

As in other years there’s a ton of posts, articles, and webinars about setting goals for the year & how to set them – so no need for me to add to the huge choice.

However, when you have set your goals, the one thing you must do is set up an easy system to track and measure progress. This tends to get missed or underplayed when we think about goal setting. We become so engrossed in how to set achievable goals or how to create smart goals, we over look how to make sure we stay on track.

Goal setting is important but I believe you should also be asking ‘how can I track my goal progress’.

Goal tracking and measuring is key to keep you moving forward. It does three important things:

  • It shows progress has been made when you tick off the completed action/activity each day. Daily works best I have found – and so have my clients over the years. This helps to build confidence and stay positive – keep the mindset positive too!


  • It’s an early warning system.  You will be able to pick up early when things are not going as you had planned. Each week/month you can assess if what you are doing (& measuring) is working. It may take a few weeks to get a clear picture of what’s working or not, but it will definitely show you what you may need to change.  Reviewing weekly is better than reviewing monthly. It means you can address the small changes you may need sooner rather than waiting until the end of a month.


  • Helps you start building Productive Habits. This for me is the most valuable part. Creating and building habits which will enable you to achieve you goals is fundamental to success and becoming the kind of person who constantly and regularly achieves what they set to do do.

When you set out a track and measure system, keep it simple. It has to be simple so it doesn’t feel as though it’s another task on your days work list. It can be a simple pen a paper chart, a spreadsheet, or whatever works for you.

Once you are done with defining you goals spend some time on creating your track and measure system.


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