How Many Moments Do You Remember?

By Azzy Aslam

Habits, Routines, & Behaviours

6 Jan, 2021

How Many Moments Do You Have?

Life isn’t continuous. We don’t remember it as being continuous. All we remember are moments.  Try it now. Recall what you did yesterday, the day before, last week, on your 10th birthday.

Unless you have a phenominal powers of storage and recall, only moments of the day will flash up in your mind. Then another and something else you remembered which was triggered by the previous memory.

Moments captured, moments remembered, moments re-lived.

Most of the moments will include how you felt. Many will have people you know. People who made you happy, laugh, full of life, and even ones who made you sad or unhappy.

Which are your happiest moments?

At school?

At a party?

A holiday?

The day you met the special person in your life?

The moment you touched their hand, brushed their cheek, kissed?

As life passes we collect moments. Moments with people are usually the best ones. It’s all we collect. Make sure you collect many each day with people who matter to you. Make each moment memorable.

Like all things it takes effort.


(By the way, in case you’re wondering, a moment was 90 seconds during the medieval times. Some of us still see it as 90 seconds today!)


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