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19 Feb, 2021

Does Sales Training Work?

Slighty different topic and angle for this episode.

More than half of my coaching clients are from a sales background. I work with sales professionals, sales manager, sales directors, and even VP of Sales. With sales people it never suprises me when they say they have had sales training but still struggle with selling.

I am not coming at this solely as a coach. Most of my corporate life was in sales, as a sales professional, sales, manager, director and VP for international sales. I have have a range of sales training and my experience and the sales training effectiveness was mixed.

So, here is my few cents worth of what I have found over the years in sales and learned from my clients on why the standard sales training approach doesn’t work for a large percentage of sales people.

Don’t get me wrong. Most of the training approaches are useful and are aiming to skill and grow the attendees, plus there are some great sales trainers out there. It’s the follow on and implementation where most sales training fails.

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