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19 Oct, 2020

Simple Meditation Approach To Calm The Mind

Managing Stress, Thoughts, And A Busy Mind

With so much happening in the world, stress levels have risen for many of us, and they seem to keep rising.Our heads are full of thoughts whcih in turn can and do make us feel anxious, tense, and stressed out.

Trying to de-stresss and find some calm isn’t easy, even though there are many ways to tackle the problem. Through exercise, taking breaks at work, sleeping better or regular sleep times, as well detoxing from technology.

You will also hear meditation is helpful. It certainly does help as I found over the years. It’s the easiest way to start the process of de-stressing. You don’t need go anywhere, wear anything specific, buy accessories to make it happen or pay a monthly subscription. The latter may be useful if you really want to delve further and deeper in th efull range of meditation practices!

There are many approaches to meditating. It was a little bewildering when I first looked into it many years ago. I didn’t take it up at the time. However, I went through a very stressful time due to work overload and some personal life changes which made me dip into acute and chronic stress. This brought me back in touch with meditation.

This is my approach which I learned from a few people over the years.

It helped me understand the purpose of meditation and then a practice which worked for me. It helped me understand how to manage the thoughts which kept popping up every second or so in my mind. How they multiply when I engaged with just one. How the knock-on effect leads to being anxious and rasing stress levels.

The two parts of the meditation which worked for me was the awareness of my thoughts and using my breathing as a focal point to help me disengage with my thoughts.

As I said, there are many ways to approach meditating, this is the one which worked for me. I hope this is useful for you too.

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