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3 Nov, 2020

Breathing Exercise To Calm The Mind

Calming a busy mind

Following on from the previous episode this episode focuses purely on breathwork.

There is more and mor esceince and evidence on how our breathing, consciously and actively, can and does help us to calm our mind and thoughts. Manage anxiety and get back to a level place in stressful situations.

Breathwork has reached into many aspects of life from sports, military, and business. I remember being tought breathing exercises during my karate sessions. At that time it was just something I associated with martial arts and something to do in the class or dojo. Over the years I realised it goes beyond and can be used in every aspects of life.

There’s a lot of more information now available on how to use breathing to take control of your yourself, your situation and your life.

As I always say, this is yet another exercise you must practice, ideally each day. Even if it is only once per day, practice will make it effective as time goes on.

There are a who range of breathing practices. This one is used to take back some control when you feel anxious or stressed. Holding the breath is a key part of the exercise, unlike the meditation breathing in the previous episode which gives a gentle rhythm to focus on during meditaion. There is a rhythm here too, but it involves breathing in and holding the breath for a short period of time to allow the body to fully exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Give it and go and let me know how it works for. Practice each day or when you need it.


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