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22 Aug, 2020

How To Build A Strong Personal Brand

And Why It’s Important in Today’s World


I am joined by Christina Robinson from Green Umbrella Marketing to talk about Personal Branding. Having a good strong personal brand is becoming more important in our 24 hour online world. What we say, what we post, what we like and comment on has an impact on our personal brand. It’s becoming more like habits, a ‘personal brand’ can develop without us even knowing.

With everything we say and do online will live forever in the online digital world and it’s time we took conscious ownership of what what we are creating.

We look at what it takes to build your brand and some things which can totally destroy it. The content you produce and put out on social media builds you brand.

It doesn’t matter whether you work for yourself, a small business, or a corporate, personal brands are having an effect on how business is won and how your reputation grows or falls flat!

We discuss what is a personal brand. How do the different ways of content sharing effects your brand, from text only post to live video streaming. How are companies and peole using the different ways available to create and strengthen their brand or create new ones. And also how some of the content which is shared can damage, if not destroy, a brand which someone may taken ages to build and develop.

There were a couple of mini conversations on the podcast which were related to personal branding and worth paying attention to. One is about the amount of information we share online through our posts, podcasts, and videos. It’s amazing just how much information can be pieced together about someone’s personal life through snippets from their postings. Having a level of security applied to what you share is important particularly when it comes to your personal information and those close to your or your business partners, clients, and customers.

We touched on using alter egos and personas to build a personal brand which is you share with the world, which may be a little different to the ‘real’ you. I mention a book with the title “The Alter Ego Effect’ by Todd Herman. Really worth getting and reading (just don’t buy it from Amazon – please help your local bookstore!). Alter ego’s can help you in doing more than you normally would, particularly when you want to step out of your comfort zone.

It’s a technique I use with some coaching clients and we can all makevery good use of it. We used to do it all the time…when we were kids. Saldy, many of us lost the ability as we grew up! Time to get it back.  If you could with a little help in building you personal brand for you or your company do get in touch with Christina Robinson at Green Umbrella Marketing.

Christina also gave us a link on her website which has a ton of material to get you started and can be found at

And if I can help you on how to use your Alter Ego to make changes in your life and work, book your free 30 minute call below.

What is your personal brand saying about you?

If you are serious about making a change in your life or work then book your free 30 minute call and learn how to create habits which work for you.

Want to make a change in your life?

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