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25 Feb, 2021

Guided Coaching Session – Part 1

If you are looking to work with a coach to make changes in your life and/or work, but not in a position to engage one, then I hope this episode will help in some way.

It’s a guided coaching session where I take you from the bigger goal/objective/target you want to achieve to homing in to the one thing you could do to get you moving.

It’s a standard and structured approached used by most coaching practitioners. Starting with the goal for the session and then working through to the action(s) you will take to get started.

It’s all about taking action and building habits which enable to you to take action. You can come back to the episode as often as you need and go through the process. Sometimes you have to trust the process!

You will need a pen, some paper or notebook and some time to yourself – about 30-40 minutes –  to work through the guided coaching. 


If you want more support with and personalised coaching then book your free 30 minute call below. We can discuss what will work best to help you achieve your goals and changes.

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