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14 Nov, 2020

The One Thing Which Increases You Chance Of Success

This episode was prompted by a discussion with friend who was going through a tough patch. He also felt people he had helped and supported where not helping him.

As we spoke a few facts and realisation came through which basically says you shouldn’t wait for others to help you. There is too much happening in peoples lives and we are all caught up in our own situations & circumstances and tend to have little time for others.

I’m not saying people don’t care, but we all have have our own challenges and pressures to manage and deal with each and every day. These press upon to get things done so we can continue in our lives. Aad every day something new will come up which we have to deal with. Or we have our own lists of things we want to get done whether it’s for work, health, wellbeing, chores, and all the stuff we have been putting off.

There will be times when people will come help you, just as you would go to help them. However, it may not be top of their list or yours.

Welcome the help someone gives, but plan to do as much as you can for yourself!


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