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13 Jul, 2020

Pandemic, Virus, Infections, And Staying Safe

I am with Josie Winter in this episode talking about the current pandemic, virus and bacteria, and how to manage the infections to stay safe.

Josie is an expert in managing, controlling, and preventing infections and has been busy helping organisation and individuals put in place systems and processes to manage and prevent, where possible, the spread of the coronavirus.

We look at some of  the science behind pandemics, viruses and bacteria, and how organisations and individuals can stay safe as workplaces start to re-open.

There have been many discussion on this topic and it’s always good to go back to the science to really understand what you can do which will be effect in keeping people safe through the pandemic. We talked about about the PPE (personal protective equipment) and what really works. Some interesting words on anti-bacteria washes and hand sanitisers too!

As I always say, show me the science…



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