I Really Don’t Make The Most of My Blog

By Azzy Aslam

Habits, Routines, & Behaviours

7 Dec, 2020

How Do You make The Most of Your Blog?

I have had this blog for a while, and one or two before this, but I never really make the most from blogging. It seems I am not the only one. Many business people, self-employed, consultants & coaches have a blog but, just like me, they make little or no use of the power of blogging.

To be honest I have read a ton of stuff over the years about how to blog and how it can be a positive tool for your business. Putting some of the things I learned into action has been the challenge. With so many other things to do around social media, blogging, seems to drop to the bottom of the list and then I never get round to adding that blog post.

The other problem is, what do you write or blog about? This has been a sticking point and a confusing one. Some ‘experts’ say it’s about talking about the benefits people will find from what you do, others have said it can be about anything you want to write about. As I restart my attempt at blogging, I have settled on a few of pieces of ‘advice’ which I can go with:

  • Blogging shows you are human. When you write about things which matter to you, you are showing your human side. So, I will write about things which matter to me or capture my attention and interest, and may not be about coaching (all the time)!
  • It’s also a place to share your ideas and thoughts about things you have learned. Things which others may also find helpful.
  • Blogging doesn’t have to capture everyones attention. Just the people who you want to ‘speak’ to, or those who may share your views, thoughts, or approach.
  • It may also bring to the conversation people who totally disagree with what you have said. And there is always something to learn when someone puts forward an alternative view.
  • It can also be used to signpost people to resources and events which website visitors may find helpful.

I also spent some time looking at what Seth Godin had to say about it and what he does. I listened to part of a video and was surprised when he said his blog (Seth’s Blog) has been going since 2000. When you take a closer at his blog you see some of his blogs are very short. Many are barely a few paragraphs! And the most important point is he post a blog every single day!

He does admit he prepares in advance his post but only a day or two ahead. But even then when he comes to post his next blog, he reviews it and many times will change the some or all of the blog post!

The key was to keep posting. Every day, ideally.

OK, at this point I am pretty sure I wont be post every single day. What I do know is it’s about creating a habit, a routine, and turning it into a daily process, which takes time, effort, and repetition!

So, today is the start of a new blogging regime with a plan to blog at least twice a week. I wanted to say 3-5 times a week, but my guts says this may just be a little too far to begin with. Twice a week will be a good start and if do manage more then it’s a big plus.

Which reminds me about the upcoming podcast episode on Wednesday 9th December 2020 all about Streaking!  I’ll leave it at that so you can find out which streaking I am talking about.

If you don;t know my podcast, it’s called Changing Habits Changing Lives and it’s all the usual platforms – iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Deezer and a few more. Go to your favourite platform, subscribe and have a listen to the episodes already posted.


What will will you start doing which you have been putting off???


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