When You Want To Succeed Focus on Today

By Azzy Aslam

Performance & Change Coach. Helping you create new habits and turning them into your superpower!

13 Mar, 2018

Succeeding. Achieving. Winning, Whatever it’s called, we want it. In coaching, the main focus for all clients is to get to some point in the future they define as a goal, objective or their dream. The coaching sessions help to “light up” the journey and make the client more aware of the path they choose to take, the choices they have, and the decisions they can make.

Having a goal, objective, or dream is the place to start a journey. The goal will help set a direction for what you will need to do to get you there. However, the the goal, particularly if it is big or challenging can get in the way of success. It can appear big, expansive, and overwhelming when you start to consider all the thnings you need to do to get there. In most of us this starts to create some level of anxiety and sometimes even fear. Doubts begin to arise. Doubts on our abilities, our skills, even our commitment to reaching our goal.

For a really big goal or dream, it’s like standing at the foot of Mount Everest and looking up at the peak. The sheer enormity of the mountain starts to overwhelm when you look at what you are about to tackle. However, about 500 people a year look up at the peak and then slowly and surely make their way to the top. The quote from the Chinese philosopher Laozi comes to mind:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Chinese philosopher Laozi

Climbing Everest is broken down in reaching sub stations along the way to the top. At different parts of the journey you will need different equipment and different skills. Even before you begin the climb there is some preparation work for your mind and body that you have to go through.

In the same way any goal, objective, or dream can be broken down to subgoals, which in turn can be broken down into specific tasks. Adding dates and even times to these task provides a timeline of when they need to be actioned. It is these actions that you complete and move forward step by step to your goal.

So, looking and reviewing your big goal helps and reminds you the direction you have set and the journey you want to take. Critical to reaching your goal is the focus on today; completing the actions for today.

It is what you do today that matters. You can’t change yesterday except learn from what and how lived it. As for tomorrow, it can be shaped by what you do today; in this moment.

Begin today, take a few minutes to do the following:

  1. Relive and review your goal, objective or dream
  2. Update it if things have changed
  3. Break down your goals in sub goals
  4. Pick the key sub goal you want to work on
  5. Create tasks and actions that will help you achieve your sub goal
  6. Focus on today and focus on the tasks you will and want to complete today
  7. Repeat tomorrow

Step by step, task by task you will reach your goal!

If you need some help in settings your goal and breaking it down into sub goals and tasks then book a 3 week Goals Kick Starter programme to get you moving.

Give me a call on 07552 535767 or drop me note at coach@comentra.com to arrange a free, no obligation chat.

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