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“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”



This isn’t your typical coaching approach!

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Making changes in life, work, and performance isn’t as simple as sitting down and “setting your goals, create an action plan, and commiting to doing it”.

If it was that easy everyone would be living the life they imagined and wanted. Sadly, most don’t. You know this and see it around you every day.

Unfortunately, it’s the approach you will still read on many coaching websites, in articles, and blogs.

I know it isn’t true because it didn’t fully work for me either.  I always felt something was missing.

There are clues in the science when you look at why we do what we do. The battle to make positive change is internal. But it’s much deeper inside your brain than you realise.

Every time you want to make a change, you must first make a physical change in your brain. The neurons and neuralpathways you’ve created over many years are the building blocks of the habits you have today.

And it is your habits which will either propel you to getting things done or hold you in a life you want to change.

Adding the science of habits to the practice of coaching creates an approach which is aimed at making the physical changes in your brain. Which in turn will change how you think (mindset), your behaviours, and your actions.

This is when real change happens in your performance, your work, and your life.

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