Personal Coaching


It’s a place of learning that raises your awareness, helping you take responsibility for your success.

It starts and succeeds with you!

Coaching is a relationship — a truly powerful relationship. Its purpose and entire focus is to look forward and move you towards your goals and dreams. So how is that done? Both by raising your awareness of all the positive possibilities open to you and by raising your level of responsibility in taking action towards your own success. And that applies however you choose to define and measure success.

What it means is, quite simply, that you have someone who is 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals. Someone in your corner, who’ll join you in celebrating both your small wins and your big wins. Someone who’ll tease out your strengths and work with you in using them to push you forward.

Make no mistake, though, it still comes down to what you think — and, even more, what you do. A coach will create the space for you to explore the future you want, create a picture of that future, take a reality check on what you’re going to need on the path to that future. A coach will help you consider all the options and possibilities, and then create actions designed to take you forward step by step.

There’s no judgement, no questioning if you haven’t taken action, no criticism. The coach will create a safe place for you to discuss your vision and goals, and to talk through everything: what will work, what may not work, what’s good, what’s not so good. Out of that, the coach will come up with ideas and plans to get you moving forward.


How Can Coaching Help You?

So that's what coaching is, but why should you need it? What kind of problems might you be having that I can genuinely help you with? These are a few of the most common issues my clients are wrestling with.

You are struggling to find a direction in your life

You can’t seem to pin down what your big, audacious goal really is

You may have an idea of your big goal, but you’re overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started

You may have an idea of what you want for the future, but it just doesn’t seem to materialise

Your Life – Work balance is simply not happening

You want to improve your performance in your work

You want to change career and need to decide both what you want to do and work out the next steps

You may have changed jobs, been promoted, and you need help with the new environment

You just know that something has to change

You want to be more positive but find it challenging to remain so

You want to build your confidence in some or every part of your life


If you decide to embark on a coaching journey with me, we’ll start with an Intake/Discovery Session. This typically takes up to ninety minutes, though sometimes it can be longer, and gives us the opportunity to consider what you really want for yourself, as well as the various aspects of your life that will help you get there.

When we have established this, the subsequent sessions will help to crystallise and bring into focus the goal (or goals) that you want to achieve. We’ll review your goal in each session. This is because things may well have changed for you, perhaps requiring some adjustment to your goal and your outlook.

The next stage of my coaching process is to get you to a point where you commit to completing specific actions by the next session. These actions will be moving you, step by step, closer to your goal(s).

We’ll consider everything, including the benefits the actions will bring you, the challenges you may face, what options at your disposal, and how you’re going to deal with obstacles. Not to mention setting definite dates and times when you’ll complete the actions.

Then You Make It Happen!