Overcome Your Fears

There are really four main types of fear:

Fear of Failure
Fear of Embarrassment
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Success (yes, it’s true!)

We have all been afraid of one or more of these at some time or another.

Fear is the biggest blocker that stops us from moving forward. Stops us from reaching the place we want to get to. Stops us from doing what we really want.

It smothers dreams, chokes ambition, and kills happiness – literally saps the life energy out of us.

Thankfully, when we understand how fear works, see it for what it truly is, we can learn to overpower it.

When we start down this path we can take massive steps forward to the life we want to shape.

Best way to start tackling fear?

Write down all the thoughts that make you feel afraid. I mean fully empty your head of these thoughts.

Now give you mind a rest for a short while. Meditate.

Come back to the list you created and look at the things you wrote down. Look at each fear and decide it if is real or not.

Does it have any real chance of becoming real. Write down what you can do if it does become real. All the solutions you can come up with to deal with the situation if it happens.

This is just a start and will get you to see fear for what it really is – just a thought.

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Fact: 92% of the things we worry about, that can lead to being fearful, never happen!


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