Is Coaching For You?

Coaching is about looking to the future and working through a plan to get you there. Along the way you will learn about yourself and build skills and tools to help you.

If you are looking ahead and want support to move you forward quicker than you would do so on your own, then coaching is a great way to get started.

Coaching differs from Counselling, Consulting, and Mentoring.

Counselling explores the difficulties and challenges you may be experiencing in your life and the stress or emotional pressures they may be creating. By it’s nature, counselling will explore the history leading you to this point. It will aim to enable you to focus on your feelings, experience or behaviours to assist you in managing your current situation and making a positive change.

Consulting in essence is when you are looking for advice. You have a particular issue/problem which can be explored and and the consultant and offer suggestions and advice on how best to address the issue.

Mentoring has some elements of consulting and coaching. A mentor is someone who has the experience in a field you have an interest in. They can provide guidance, advice and suggestions to what you can do or consider. This may not be a formal arrangement and it needn’t require regular meetings of interactions. It’s someone you turn to, as and when needed to get their thoughts and input.

Coaching can work alongside these three different approaches.

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