How Does Coaching Help?

How Does Coaching Help

If I listed all the issues, challenges, and goals which have been helped through coaching it would be a very long list! Coaching is used in a wide variety of situations from addressing life challenges and changes, personal development, through work and career, as well as relationships.

I will go through some of the coaching I have been involved in, which will give an idea of how it could be just the support you need to make big changes.

Work/Life Change

A client wanted to do what they really loved; writing. Writing scripts, short stories, and also some ideas about writing a book. But things hadn’t progressed for nearly a decade.


The coaching enabled to create habits and a routine, so there was time blocked out for writing, new ideas, story outlines, and character developments. This enabled more scripts and short stories to be created each year. Networking activities were also planned and executed to connect and meet with producers, script readers, directors, and other writers. There was a target to sell the first script.

The client was more organised, structured, and produce more content which increased the potentially to create an income from the work.

Sales Performance

A sales person was just not making it. The targets were looking tough and the client couldn’t raise motivation levels. Confidence was low and morale has sunk too.


First, we zoomed in on the core issue which was impacting sales target.  We quickly identified some training which would help. Also a routine to create the habit which implemented the training. Then we moved on to the next areas of skills which could help being improved.

Some visualisation and daily affirmations were crested to start the day in a positive mindset. We tracked daily successes to regain confidence and raise morale.


Sometimes everything comes at once and we can’t see the wood for the trees. This client was overwhelmed with all the things on her list she wanted to do or had to . Everything work, a side gig, finances, and health.


We were able to agree and define a sense of priority fairly quickly. Putting things into perspective and to start building and doing the things that were the foundation to her life.

We broke down the big challenges into smaller chunks which could be completed as part of a new routine. Building new habits for each part of her life slowly and surely. Change took more time, however, tasks were being completed and the overwhelm was managed and overcome!

Setting Up Alone

After 30 years of working for a company it was time to go it alone. There was a huge amount of worry if it could be done. Lots of negativity and confusion on how to make it happen.


Creating a plan was the first step. A plan which the client was going to be held accountable for.  There was a definite timeframe to hit and have the business up and running.

This was a week by week intensive coaching which checked on progress, helped navigate issues, and supported the client in the new venture. Coaching was a safe place the client could share thoughts, worries, and successes knowing they would get 100% support in making the business set up a success.

Unsure of What Next

After the first couple of jobs the client was unsure of what they really wanted to do in work and in life. There were options but nothing felt right.


Through a number of exercises we explored what made the client happy. What was it which truly brought a smile to the face and a feeling of satisfaction.

Through a number of scenario testing exercises we slowly came to a couple of areas which really resonated. There was a period of “go and see” before we came back and reviewed what was the one thing (for now) which they wanted to go do.

The coaching provided a methodology to carve out the beginnings of a new life path.

Career Change/Redundancy

A successful career was coming to an end due to challenges faced by the company. The client had needed to look for another role  before. There was uncertainty, a confidence hit, and no expereince of job hunting.


The coaching was able to bring out a host of skills which the client had overlooked. Which also helped build confidence and be able to see a brighter way forward.

We created habits and routines which were focused on opening up a greater number of new roles across different markets and sectors. 

Management Promotion

Having been promoted to VP of Sales the client started to feel a little out of his depth. This was just the promotion he wanted, however, he could see there was a drop in his effectiveness. Wanting to improve and demonstrate his abilities he got in touch.


There was a different set of management and personal requirements in the new  senior role as well as greater scrutiny.

We identified the areas of actual concern and those that were just perceived. Some areas required a level of training and others required a different approach, such as delegating more.

We were able to set up a process which allowed more time to assess and take action on the things which really mattered to the business. In addition to creating habits to implement new skills required through training.

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