Does Coaching Work?

As I am a coach you would expect me to say ‘yes’.  And it absolutely does work….most of the times.

As I have mentioned in several articles on this site, coaching is a relationship between the client and the coach. It works on both actively participating in the process. In the end, coaching is only as effect as the you, the client, wants it to be.

The key reason is that you are the one who has to do the work to make it happen.  In the same way as coaches in sport work with their athletes. It is down to the athlete to decide to put in the work on the training ground and even more so when they are in a tournament. In the tounament it truly is down to the athlete; the coach has little input or impact at this stage.

Coaching does work if you as the client wants it to work. In the coaching world, making the client successful in reaching their goal is what counts as success for the coach too.

There are times when it just isn’t going to work. It happens once in a while. The coaching relationship is a non-judgemental one. And if you as the client chooses not to do something then that is your perogative. We can explore what stopped you and there is always something to learn from it. Whether it’s about yourself, other people, the situation, and even the coaching process including how the coach goes about coaching!

This is one of the reasons I focus in on habits. Helping clients create habits that will carry them through on the days they may not feel like doing anything. Creating and strengthening habits is key for me and my clients. It usually makes the difference in reaching your goals or putting them off.

If you want to know if coaching will work for you, hit the button below and book a call and let’s see what coaching can do for you.


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