13 Week Game Changer

Fast Track

Achieve game-changing results in your work & life in the next 13 weeks..


If you are looking to get more done in the next 13 weeks, gain control and get really focused on hitting your goals then this programme is for you.

I have to say up front, you must prepared to be held accountable and do the work throughout the programme otherwise you will be wasting your time…and money!

The programme is designed to make your success inevitable!

The 13 Week Game-Changer Includes Everything
You Need To Achieve Results Faster In Your Work and Life!


The Game Changer is one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

We will work together from start to finish.

What’s covered in the Game Changer

Part 1 – Planning and Vision

Create a clear vision and outcomes which are aligned to what you define as success.

Emotionally engage with your vision  – this one of the steps many people overlook and key reason goals are unfulfilled.

 Part 2 – Goals And Activities

Crucial part of the programme. Well defined goals (objectives/targets) are vital to setting the direction and scope of what you want.

Activities – this is the tricky part. Well defined activities will define the routines to keep you moving forward.

Part 3 – Measure, Track, Adjust

Make sure you are on track and adjust based on your own feedback on what is working or when things aren’t working. One more vital piece in the picture to  reach your goal.

All three parts are brought together through coaching, mentoring, and accountability.

Giving you tools and helping you develop skills which make things happen even on the days you don’t feel like doing anything!

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